Alexandru Anastasiu


Holding a PhD in Music from the National University of Bucharest, Alexandru Anastasiu is a vibraphone ambassador. His performances include thousands of solo concerts and recitals performed in all styles – from solo recitals to solo concerts with many reputable orchestras    (The   National   Radio   Orchestra   of   Bucharest,   The   Royal   Camerata,   The Chamber Radio Orchestra of Bucharest, etc.). He is a vibraphone promoter and as such organized   The   First   International   Vibraphone   Festival   in   Bucharest   (2012),   The International  Percussion Festival in Bucharest (2014). He has participated in many large scale classical and modern music festivals, like The George Enescu International Festival(Bucharest,  Romania  2011),  The  Cafeteca   Jazz  Weekend  (Brasov  2011),  Together  in Rhythm (Bjelovar, Croatia 2013), TIFF (Cluj, Romania, 2015), etc. Since 2003, he has diversified his musical experience as a performer by playing as a solo percussionist soloist with the National Radio Orchestra. Alexandru   released   6   CD’s:   “Classical   Carols”   (Sniper   Media   2006),   “VibraphoneConcertos” (Sniper Media 2009), “Accord Vibes – Just Musette” (Fiver House 2013),“Bach   Vibes”   (Fiver   House   2015),   “Power   vibes-Azul”   (Sniper   Media   2016)   and“Accord Vibes-Piazzolla, just tango” (Sniper media 2016).Alexandru Anastasiu was a teaching assistant at The National University of Bucharest(2002). Since 2012, he has been a percussion teacher at the Icon Arts Summer Academy in  Sibiu (Romania), and since the beginning of 2016, at the Icon Arts Summer Academy in Rome (Italy). As a composer, Alexandru has written many solo vibraphone pieces, as well as his first concert  for vibraphone, marimba and orchestra (The Seasons-Sniper Media 2016). His music is unique and the sound and phrase construction is continuously challenging the souls and minds of the audience; he favors the idea that music is not only melody and harmony, but is in fact a mixture of melody, harmony and rhythm.